Cleaning Photo Gallery

air scrubber

What Does An Air Scrubber Do?

An air scrubber is a piece of HVAC equipment that sucks in dirty air, uses high-grade filtration to remove pollutants of all types and sizes from it, and sends it back into your living space!

technician wearing orange glove wiping down door handle

Prevention Cleaning

Due to the current pandemic, multiple commercial businesses have entrusted our dedicated SERVPRO of The North Coast Team to aid in disinfecting their facilities. Preventative cleaning includes wiping down the high touch points, such as door knobs, light switches, phones, etc., as well as flat surfaces.

female employee in PPE standing in front of police car

Cleaning Local Police Cars

Our SERVPRO of The North Coast employee, Sonja is shown above cleaning our local Fairview Park Police Cars.

Our Team always goes above and beyond for those who protect us!

technician spraying antimicrobial after a residential water loss

Sanitizing After A Water Loss

After the remaining standing water has been extracted from the affected areas of your residential or commercial property, our SERVPRO Team always sprays anti-microbials to kill existing growth and prevent any future mold growth.